Spiritual Poetry

I am honoured and blessed to present these wonderful words of spiritual love and wisdom. Please feel free to send your poetry for inclusion on this page.

Gods Country

There is beauty everywhere all you need do is look

It could be in the sky at night or a quivering little brook

The birds in the trees all chirping the rabbits scurrying to and fro

Flowers peeping through the ground all part of creation you know.


The softness of the grass the wind whistling in the trees

Climbing the beautiful mountain takes the breath away you see

So many awesome things to explore if we only take time to look

A new born lamb, a butterfly, a fish in the little brook.


A walk in the forest the trees so tall: energy there we will find

Looking into the river will even cleanse our mind

The shower of rain as it falls on us is a spiritual cleansing too!

They come from Mother Earth and God just for me and you.


As the rain does fall it feeds the earth so beauty we can see

It also cleanses away the bugs so healthy we can be

Gods love is everywhere and its there for you and me

He guides us through the hurt and pain and his love is always free!

By Sarah Hearn






As the snow falls gently over the world

It’s blanket cleanses and heals

And not before long you will find the little buds revealed

They push up through the earth

And stand proud for all to see

Giving beauty and hope in times of adversity

Life is like the little flower sometimes it’s hard to survive

And no matter what it throws our way

We see we are still alive

And like the little flower we bloom and glow you see

It sometimes takes a friendly face or a hug to make us glee

But God is always there and proof you can always find

All you have to do is have an open mind

You will see that little sparkle

Come shining through your life

To brighten up a dull old day

And help you carry strife

You only need to ask and help will come you see

Because God guides his light to you

And the cost is always free!

By Sarah Hearn



The spirit realms are with us almost every day

They are all around us as you work rest and play

When you are happy they are happy too

But when you are sad they try to comfort you

They will take your thoughts to dreamland

To pick you up you see because they still love you

They a comfort be so with them hold a small thought

Of past times you did share

Times of joy and laughter and tender loving care.

As you linger with that thought and look into the skies

You will truly understand that true love never dies.

By Sarah Hearn



As we walk the road of life to experience many things

Our spirit guides walk with us and help they try to bring

In meditation we realize they guide us with flair

So we can understand the spirit world is there

In a circle we can develop the art of mediumship

Where we get messages some hints and little tips

They allow us this gift so messages they can send

To that very special person and also all there friend

Some mediums they hear voices others experience thoughts

Some are allowed vision just like a television

But without your voice dear friend nothing can be done

As that’s the link with spirit so we can all have some fun.

By Sarah Hearn



Easter falls at spring time lambs are seen far and wide

We also see the flowers scattered through the countryside

If lent be the cleansing and Easter the rebirth

Then surely it reminds us of the Christian myth

He told us we would never die our spirit would linger on

And we read in the bible Jesus helped us to be reborn

Our Saviors love is endless and he died to save our sins

He opened up Heavens gates and allowed us to enter in

So as we think of Easter eggs, bunnies and also chicks

Let’s remember for a moment all our Jesus mixed

He spent his life helping – then died upon a cross

Allowing all believers of the worlds greatest loss

He returned to earth again to prove life is eternal

We blessed God for this and made his son immortal

He brought to earth doctors nurses and healers too

To carry on his work so God could look after you

So as you watch spring unfold and take the wrappers of the eggs

Remember Jesus loves you and you are truly blessed.

By Sarah Hearn



Dear Father in Heaven I draw close to you now

As I sit here alone I want to avow

For the way I’ve behaved and the things I have said

Just thinking of them fills me with dread

When I get angry I do stupid things

Its time to atone and accept what it brings

I never meant all that I did say

When anger it filled me and left me this way

Forgive me Dear Lord this is my plight

I cannot find peace as day turns to night

Clear my head of such stupid thoughts

Allow me to know this love you have brought

I tried to stand up as a man you see

But I’m hurting so much I need to be free

Take away my hurt and also the pain

And allow me Dear Lord to feel love again.

By Sarah Hearn

Opening to Gods Healing

When we open our heart to heal we give Gods love you see

He resides inside us all part of the universe to be

If we listen to our hearts every answer we shall find

Because locked in every heart is another open mind.

Our creator God is part of all we are all one you see

When we connect with the heart the peace shall set us free

The universe of life is a road all humans trod

It brings experiences of life some happy or some to dread

So connect with God inside and fear will no more be

Reality unfolds and truth will set you free.

By Sarah Hearn


The Light Within

Going in is a wonderful thing

It connects us with the seed inside

It brings us peace beyond belief

To cope with the world outside

Our makers love is so intent

If we can only but feel

The little light that burns so bright

To help us cleanse and heal

So go within and find that peace

Its there for all to see

Gods love is always there my friend

Until eternity.

By Sarah Hearn


The Healing Light

The healing realms come like a dove

They come to earth from Heaven above

The healing light is strong you see

It comes from the source to heal you and me


It can come in blue, pink and green

The most beautiful lights that you have ever seen

It cleanses, it heals it supports us too

Till we are able to hold its hue

Then we know we are on the right path

As we strive forward healed at last

By Sarah Hearn


Thoughts Entwined

I’m so sorry I hurt you but I was hurting myself

I felt I didn’t belong – like used goods on a shelf

I know you tried to reach me you felt I didn’t care

My head was a mess my heart hurt and I felt no one was there

No matter what anyone said? I felt they couldn’t know

Believe me all through it! I always loved you so

I felt I let you down no matter what, you see

The problem wasn’t you it was inside of me

I feel the pain and anguish that you carry in you’re heart

For this I’m truly sorry since we have been apart

I didn’t know which way to turn this I can’t deny

Forgive me please is all I can ask and know its not goodbye.

By Sarah Hearn



Why didn’t I listen when stories you told

Now you are gone I can see them unfold

When your life did end I felt empty inside

You went away and your family did hide

I look out my window and hope they will pass

I feel so alone as I look through the glass

I remember the good times when your children were small

I can still hear them running in through the hall


The door it would open and faces would smile

We’ve come to visit you for a while

Those days are gone but my memories are there

I still remember you sitting in the other chair

Your life was cut short you just couldn’t see

What this great loss would do to me


I often wonder what I could have done

So today I would still have around me a son

I pray for peace for you and me

And long to be in eternity.

By Sarah Hearn



How do I feel? Well I really don’t know

My body is numb and there is no glow

I stupidly took these tablets you see

Trying to be clever as can be.


My friends they all take them and get very loud

I just wanted to feel like one of the crowd

My mind has gone dim my eyes are a blur

I hear someone saying “what’s wrong with her?”

I’m cold and I’m frightened my friends they have left

I’m starting to think that I have gone deaf.


I feel strangers around me

Now a mask has come down

Over my face as I lie on the ground

I know there is movement I’m not sure where I am

I just feel something here on my arm


The light has gone dim and I’m looking around

All I can see is me lying on the ground

An ambulance is here and my body they take

I keep shouting – I’m here – I’m awake

But no one can here me this is plain to see

I need to know what is happening to me.

By Sarah Hearn


The Dark  Tunnel


It’s hard to feel my way

I’m struggling to find your light Lord

As the night turns into day

I cannot find myself Lord

I’m just an empty shell

I want to say what’s happening Lord

But there is no one to tell


Please don’t come to close to me Lord

I still feel fear you see

I want to leave this world Lord

So I can find the real me

What did I do to you Lord?

To allow this time to be

I’m a prisoner in this body Lord

Just wanting to be free


If I come out in the day Lord

It’s not me that will be there

I can’t look into a mirror Lord

The pains to hard to bear.

By Sarah Hearn


To God Above

Dear God from up above

Who came to fill our world with love?

Grant us please peace this day

As we strive forward on our way


Sometimes it’s hard, we struggle and strive

And wonder why were still alive

We question all we cannot see

And long to be in eternity


As we walk this path we know only pain

Sometimes it’s hard for us to remain

We miss our loved ones gone before

And wish you would open up that door


Alas Dear Lord I hear you cry

You are on this earth till the day you die

You can choose to be sad or choose to smile

You can choose to stay for another while


Life is like the seeds we plant

If tended with love a flower they will grant

It’s up to you how you wish to be

Well thank you Dear Lord for listening to me

By Sarah Hearn



Last night as I was sleeping this light shone bright on me

It gave to me a message that I had to work spiritually

My quest was to help others whatever their daily plight

To tell them spirit would help whether it be day or night

They guided me to the body the vessel we carry through earth

To the parts that needed mending and to the spirit that needed a lift

As time went on I became aware of the person who stood beside my chair

Music they played me when I ignored:

Feelings they brought when I was board

My hands I placed on another and I saw the feathers fall

When I asked what was happening I was told it was the Angel call

They brought with them different feelings as well as beautiful sights

Their wings would wrap around me as I slept throughout the night

They told me they’d protect me keep me safe from all life’s harm

My spirit guides are many and some are full of charm

My own instincts became so sensitive and was my own true guide

To tell me when I can trust the people by my side

As they all guided my steps sometimes with a little jest

I realized within me that I was truly blessed!

By Sarah Hearn



As heavens gates just opened wide
they called to you, to come inside
Embracing loved ones, gone before
to dwell in peace, for evermore.

By Sarah Hearn


When Angels come around us we feel the fluttering wings

The warmth, love and caring that only Angels bring.

We ask them to protect us to keep us from all harm

Then we feel the love and light and the beauty of their charm.

We see the twinkling lights s they dance around the room

Their love and light radiate to take away the gloom.

We wonder if we imagined it as we feel the gentle flutter

A whispering word or thought arrives then our mind is free from clutter.

We walk around our homes feeling lifted from life’s gloom

Then we find the feathers they left in every room.

By Sarah Hearn



When you have a bad day when you’re feeling sad and blue

Just call upon your Angels and they will see you through

You will feel this love around you and your spirits they will soar

It’s then that you will realize you have found the spiritual door

You can visit them whenever as they are always there

To serve love and guide you and tell you that they care.

By Sarah Hearn

To The Wife

It’s been many years my dear since we strode down the aisle

We had not tuppance between us but we could always smile


We did not have the trimmings that’s still the same I’d say

But you never ever grumbled and we made some time for play


The bairns they came along and money was always tight

But we always seemed to get there no matter what the plight


I might forget to tell you from time to time I know

But since the day I met you

I have always loved you so.

By Sarah Hearn


My Treasure Chest

It’s me again my Lord; I’ve just come to say

Take care of my Mother, on this her special day

You gave me to her as a babe, to nurture and to grow

She tended me and mended me, when seeds I had to sow

She has always been there Lord, with tender loving care

She prayed to you to give her strength, to guide me through despair

It hasn’t always been easy Lord, when loss I had to bear

But you blessed me with a mother Lord, whose love is still there

So many thanks my dear Lord, for this treasure I’ve been blessed

When I need some reassurance, I just open up the chest

My treasure chest is full to brim, with all her loving light

I only need to lift the lid, to brighten any plight

I bless you Lord for all you’ve done

And for blessing me with my loving MUM.

By Sarah Hearn


I Just Called To Say I Love You

You always were a mother even though I’m gone

Into the great unknown where I lived before I was born

I know it’s hard to understand why I had to go

But my spirit is always around you because I love you so.


You have great strength within you I watched this as I grew

It took you through the hard times to move on to pastures new

You worked to keep us going you and me you see

Even when there weren’t two as sometimes there were three.


We witnessed storms together sometimes a living hell

But your strength carried you forward and stories you now can tell

You were my jewel upon my crown this I can’t deny

No matter what the problem you would say we need to try.


You’re shedding tears of loneliness from time to time I know

But friends you have in abundance because they love you so

You gave me strength which made me smile to ignite the light within

Please know how much I love you from the grave and far beyond.


Love you know has great strength and this just never dies

It draws us close to you each night as you look into the skies

The stars in the skies twinkle just like the love that’s in your eyes

So no matter where you and I are now – remember love never dies.

By Sarah Hearn


Here’s To You Both

We have all come together to wish you well you see

It’s come to our attention it’s you wedding anniversary

My it seems like yesterday since you two got together

You became a father and the other a mother


Your clan it’s no half grown since you walked down the aisle

But after all these years its time for a wee bit style

There has been good and bad – but you got there just the same

It has been forty years – a medal you should claim


What God has joined together let no man put asunder

But when you two got together there was a mighty thunder

So now that this Special day – has come to our attention

We would like to wish you all that you could ever mention


We raise a glass and bless you with many more years to come

But after all these years its time to have some fun

After forty years the fire is burning out but just like all the fires

You get a pile of soot


So take my tip and clear it out – just like all the cinders

There’s always a glow still left you know as the members come together

So here’s to you my two good friends to all the years you’ve done

And may our Lord in his wisdom – bless you with more to come.

By Sarah Hearn