Free Spiritual Ebooks

Here are a variety of ebooks to help you with your spiritual progression. These ebooks are freely available on the internet (you just have to know where to look!). They have taken a long time for me to compile and if you wish to make a donation please feel free. I will be adding to these so please come back often and check my progress!!

psychic development course

my AURAS workshop

my CHAKRAS workshop

Cosmic Ordering

Advanced Attraction

Astral Projection – A Complete Guide

Course in time travel

Treatise on astral projection

Training to see auras

New energy ways

Spiritual journeys

A Course In Natal Astrology

EFT Manual
Body Language – how to read others’ thoughts

Body Language Secrets

Buddhism – essentials of insight meditation

Buddhism – making your mind an ocean

Buddhism – now is the knowing

Buddhism – reading the mind

Buddhism – The 31 Planes Of Existence

Buddhism – reincarnation

Beautiful thoughts


Loving life

God is Real


TakeControlofYou Life

Stress Management

Master Of Body Language

Reading body language

Non Verbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs & Body Language

A case for the afterlife

Creating The Value Of Life

The holy knowledge – chakras etc


A Flower Unfolds

Mind changing techniques


Mind mastery

the positive approach


tea leaves

The healing power of coconuts

The healing power of mangos

The healing power of seaweed & algae

The ideal made real

A herbal medical dictionary

Autism – beyond theory of mind

Chinese Self Healing Methods For Health


Get well at home

Bipolar depression

Guide to depression and bipolar

How to heal depression

Stop your depression now

Beginners guide to massage

Baby massage

Occult principles of health & healing

Stepping into spiritual oneness

Meditation – self practice

Heartbook meditation

Meditation tarot guide


The Legends of King Arthur

Gemstones for birth signs

Crystals & gemstones healing properties

A complete handbook of natural cures

Chakra clearing

26 secrets of feng shui

Encyclopaedia of herbs and mind enhancing food drugs